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Construction Engineering + Inspection

Construction Engineering + Inspection (CEI)

由注册工程师提供优质服务 & technicians

188bet首页 is an industry leader in CEI services. 188bet首页在施工期间直接与客户合作, 作为业主代表/客户员工的延伸,帮助确保设计项目和最终施工之间的一致性.

每个188bet首页建筑检查员都有行业认证,并在他们的公司车辆上配备了移动办公室来报告, document, 并对项目数据进行在线跟踪,以便进行现场实时观测和测试. 


Construction/project management
Contract administration
Quality assurance management
Project documentation
Roadway and structure inspection
Rail inspection
Bridge preservation inspection
Utility inspection and as-built plans
Field material testing
Concrete sampling
Materials sampling
Erosion control & sediment inspections
Traffic control audits
Claims analysis, avoidance, and resolution
Disaster recovery and inspection
Federally and locally funded project compliance
Digitized document control
Constructability review
Progress payment processing

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